About Us

Laine Consulting is a business support company that helps small businesses and associations achieve increased productivity and efficiency. We provide efficient, effective and highly reliable outsourced services to support you and your business.  Support can be on a monthly, weekly or per project basis.

We can offer all the benefits of having marketing, planning and association departments, without the requirement for office space, equipment and staff training.

Rachel Cleland started Laine Consulting in 2009 after seeing the continuing need for skilled outsourced support.  Rachel and her team work WITH you allowing you to achieve your ultimate goals.  In order to ensure your success we utilize a 5 -step process.

Step 1. Information Gathering

  • Meet with you to determine your goals, time lines and budgets.
  • Gather any information required to execute.

VA ProcessStep 2. Design

  • Make recommendations that will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Provide you with direction that you can share with fellow decision makers.
  • Set-up any accounts – email, file share etc.

Step 3. Planning

  • Create timelines that map out the event, project or business process.
  • Assign tasks and document resources.

Step 4. Execution

  • Source suppliers and negotiate contracts ensuring high quality, cost efficient solutions.
  • Manage every detail of the assigned project.

Step 5. Evaluation

  • Hold a post campaign meeting to get feedback and to review the management processes and how they are working for you.
  • Discuss how your goals were achieved and/or have changed.
  • Build on what worked and learn from what didn’t so we can adjust for future projects.

Contact Rachel today to see how a virtual assistant can help free up your time so you can focus on business growth.