Where to find the best virtual assistant (VA) for the job?

If you are interested in finding the best virtual assistant (VA) for the job you can easily Google the words “virtual assistant” and you will come up with unlimited results.  That is great, but where do you go from there?   How do you find someone that you can trust and will understand the job thatContinue Reading

What tasks can a virtual assistant do for you?

In my previous post, 5 Ways to Successfully Partner with a Virtual Assistant (VA), I explained how communication, trust and planning are important to seeing positive results when using a VA.  Now that you know how to successfully partner with your virtual assistant what type of work can you get them to do for you? AContinue Reading

5 Ways to Successfully Partner with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

1. Communication I see communication as the most crucial thing to the success of working in a virtual environment.  Nonverbal cues are not present when working with someone virtually. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is of the utmost importance. Determine, upfront, how you will communicate with each other i.e. emails, phone,Continue Reading

How do you approach networking?

Networking Definition: the developing of contacts or exchanging of information with others in an informal network, as to further a career. I think all business owners large and small know that networking is vital to the advancement of their career or growth of theircompany, but how many people actually do it and do it well?Continue Reading

Save time and Stress – Editorial Calendar

As I mentioned in my earlier post I am using this time to get myself and clients organized for the busy year ahead.  One of the key items helping me with planning is an editorial calendar. Have you set one up for yourself yet?  Do you blog or regularly contribute to a newsletter? If so,Continue Reading

End of the year must do’s

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on past events and to get yourself organized for the year ahead.  I always feel I have accomplished the most when things are organized. The holidays are stressful for many people with shopping, cleaning and parties, but when you own your own business thereContinue Reading

Ways to use LinkedIn for Business

At first glance LinkedIn looks like just another “find a friend” social networking site.  It is much more than that, if you put some work into it. Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn for business most effectively: Fill out all aspects of your profile so people know who you are, what you haveContinue Reading

Taking Your Conference To the Next Level

I have been doing some research to see what others are undertaking at their conferences to keep things “fresh”.  Here are some of my favourite finds: Virtual conferences Online exhibit halls Electronic program materials to ensure a green environment Podcasting some or all of the sessions Encouraging delegates to engage in live tweeting by creatingContinue Reading

Finding the right Virtual Assistant

I have been busy lately with client responsibilities which has prevented me from posting to my own blog.  Social media is a hard thing to keep up with –Facebook, Twitter, Blog posts and keeping up with the latest trends take a lot of time. In my spare time, I have been reading the 4-Hour WorkContinue Reading