How A Virtual Assistant Can Help With Your Next Event

Event Planning Assistant

As with any business, event planning comes with a lot of administrative work. This comes in many forms; researching venues, creating and responding to RFPs, making travel arrangements, coordinating trade shows, liaising with sponsors etc. While all this work is absolutely necessary, it takes the event planner’s time away from further developing their business and focusing on growth. This is where a virtual assistant (VA) can help with your next event.

Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who provide a variety of business services helping ease your work load.

Why would you hire someone when you can do the work yourself?  Here are some reasons you may want to consider when deciding if hiring a virtual assistant for your next event would be the right move:

1. Saves you time

As I  mentioned above, all businesses have administrative work that needs to get done.  As a business owner you are likely always feeling short on time and your list of things to do never seems to come to a close. A virtual assistant can assist with researching venues or suppliers, they can also be an extra set of eyes to review documents or help you with your invoicing. The list of tasks that a VA can help you with is truly endless.

2. Company Promotion

Creating and maintaining an online presence takes time. To be “on” social media truly isn’t enough, you need to engage your audience and be there to respond to their questions and comments.  A virtual assistant can write and schedule your blog posts, create and send out your monthly newsletters and monitor your Facebook and Twitter pages. Ensuring your company maintains a positive imagine online is important.

3. No long-term commitment

Virtual assistants vary in the skills they can provide to you. Depending on what you need there is a virtual assistant or two out there to help you.

You can contract someone for a small project or on ongoing basis. Since a VA is an independent contractor you do not have to pay for office equipment, benefits or vacation time. VA’s in North America range from $25 – $50 per hour. Those figures may have you left with your mouth open, but remember you only pay for time spent working for you. You aren’t paying for overhead or coffee breaks.

You have the ability to test out a project or two on a couple of VAs so you can ensure you get the right fit before moving on to bigger projects.

4. Increased Energy

I know that event planners are always on the go and thinking about the next step, after all that is part of the job.  Having a right hand to take some of the worry away will give you more time and mental energy to spend on yourself or pour into your business.

Your virtual assistant will become an extension of your brand and will want to help you and your business succeed.  What one task would you delegate first?

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