Must have online tools

Online Tools
Working virtually means you need dependable online tools and software that help you get the job done. I’ve posted a list of some of my must haves!


I had to update this post because of my new found love for Freshbooks.  I use to use excel to track my business expenses and invoices and lets just say it was getting a bit messy. Freshbooks takes a task, I don’t like, and makes it so easy I actually enjoy going in and adding my receipts.  The report is great and was all I needed to give to my accountant this year for preparing my tax return.  They have a free trial, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Google Drive 
Formally known as Google Docs, Google Drive is one of my fave tool to use when collaborating on documents with others. It is basically a way to store your documents, photos, music, presentations etc. In the cloud.

You are able to make changes and everyone that is collaborating on a document is working off the same version. No more emailing docs back and forth. Google Drive also is able to track all the changes you make and allows you to look back as far as 30 days to see past revisions.

You get 5 GB of space for FREE or you can upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50.month!

I often have clients needing to present their product or services to other customers online. We’ve used GoToWebinar with great success. This webinar tool allows you to present from your desktop just as if you were in front of your client. You can take questions live, execute polls and do a Q&A to make sure that the audience is engaged in what is being presented.

They do offer a free trial so you can test it out for yourself.
When I was managing a client’s busy travel calendar this tool came in extremely handy! Tripit organizes all your travel plans (air, transportation, hotel, meeting etc) all in one place. You just forward your travel confirmations to and they compile them into an online itinerary accessible online or from your mobile device.

TripIt also gives you additional info like directions to your hotel or a map of the area you are visiting. All your flight details including seating, terminals and website check in are all available from TripIt. You can also link this info up to LinkedIn so that your connections can see when you are travelling.

I’ve previously written about my love for Paymo as a time tracking tool for freelancers.  They have a great free version and I love their  time tracking app.  Worth having a look at.

This is another online tool that I use daily. Hootsuite allows me to view all my twitter chatter at a glance (DMs, feed, any hashtags I’m following etc). If you manage multiple twitter account they allow you to have a tab for each so you are not signing in and out of all the time. I also love that it has a scheduling tool so you can bulk upload (if you are not a live tweeter).

I originally forgot to add this one to my list because it runs silently in the background.  It is an online backup that keeps all your documents safe in the cloud. It backs up your files automatically so you don’t need to remember to do so. Their packages start as low as $59/yr.

I’d love to know what tools you use for your virtual assistant business. Do you have a certain one that you find saves you time and increases your profitability?

*since I love some of these products so much I became an affiliate and a couple of the links above are affiliate links

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