What tasks can a virtual assistant do for you?

In my previous post, 5 Ways to Successfully Partner with a Virtual Assistant (VA), I explained how communication, trust and planning are important to seeing positive results when using a VA.  Now that you know how to successfully partner with your virtual assistant what type of work can you get them to do for you?

A qualified virtual assistant can do a multitude of tasks that will help you grow your business, be more efficient and be there when you need them.  Depending on your business and the assistance you require you may only be looking for someone on a project by project basis, or you may need someone to help you out with everyday tasks and can be your virtual “right hand.”

Below are three things that a VA can help you with:

  1. Marketing – Your VA can create marketing materials for you to use to promote your business, create and coordinate direct marketing campaigns or help you with social media marketing.   Building Facebook fan pages, monitoring LinkedIn Groups and Tweeting the latest and greatest your company has to offer can take time.  A VA can help free you of these time consuming, but necessary tasks.
  2. Administration – This can include anything from answering your calls (you can forward them to your VAs office), preparing and enhancing your PowerPoint presentations, responding to emails when you are on vacation, booking appointments or researching and making your travel bookings.
  3. Planning – Your VA can help you plan your next AGM, meeting or conference.  A VA can handle everything from sourcing venues, speakers and suppliers to the execution of the event to ensure it runs smoothly.

You wouldn’t ask your accountant to plan your company holiday party would you?  Don’t expect that your virtual assistant will be able to help you with all your needs.  You may need to look around for a few virtual assistants that specialize in the areas you require it most.

Next, we will list a variety of places to find the perfect VA for the job.

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